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Orissa: Chilka Lake

Chilka, the largest salt water lake in the country, is located to the South West of Puri, in Orissa. In winter thousands of migratory birds of many varieties arrive here from the distant Siberia.

The shallow lake is about 70 kms long and average 15 km wide. The atmosphere is serene and undisturbed amidst the blue expanse of water on one side and an evergreen range of hills on the other. The Lake is dotted with a host of islands. Kalijai island, Breakfast island, Nalabana (island of reeds), Honeymoon island, Parikud island, Birds island, etc. are some of the interesting spots around the lake.

The island of Kalijai is famous as a centre of religious worship due to the temple of Goddess Kalijai where a big fair is held on the occasion of Makar Sankranti that falls on January 14th every year. The island of Nalabana, 8 Kms. in circumference occupies a unique place in the vast expanse of Chilka Lake as it happens to be the central point for the birds.

One can also have a glimpse of the lake from the moving trains and vehicles on the road near these places.

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To visit the islands as well for cruising inside the lake, visitors can avail of the water transport facilities of the 0rissa Tourist Department. Country boats can also be hired from private operators at these places.

Getting there:
Air: Nearest Airport is at Bhubaneswar
Rail: Nearest Railway Station is at Balugaon and Rambha on S. E, Railways which also have links to Calcutta, Puri, Madras, Hyderabad.

Information courtesy Govt of India

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