" Trees are Earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven." ~ Rabindranath Tagore

A Source of Solace

Havovi Kerawalla shares his thoughts and feelings about the ocean and it's rhythm.

The ocean is sheer poetry in motion! As its waves swell and wash the shore with white flecks of foam I gaze at it transfixed. It brings me peace and a sense of quiet wonder at the vast expanse of blue waters that carry with them many a memory - sometimes a slipper, a bottle or two, even a scarf or hat carelessly tossed by the waves and returned to the shore.

Its great rumbling sounds have a sense of rhythm as if the Creator has created some great musical score set to the motion of its waves. As the sun sets in the distance and one gazes at the distant horizon one can certainly believe in the presence of God who set the sea in motion!

There is a world unknown to us in its depths which man often delves madly into in pursuit of the great mystery of the universe. Life below is flowing, fluid and colourful beyond reach! It speaks of wonders such as mermaids and lost wanderers, sunken ships and treasures, the Loch Ness monster, the wonderful whales, dolphins and other beautiful marine Mysteries.

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As the breeze wafts by it brings salty sweet memories of games played by the sea, the various shells on its shores distinct by their luminescence and mother-of-pearl finish. Oh what a joy to take them home and sort them out, and sometimes find tiny creatures living in their depths wiggling out.

The ocean associated with my childhood will always evoke sweet memories in me and forever remain a source of solace and wonder to me.

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