"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are" ~ Bernice J Reagon

Rock Climbing
Weekend Warrior

Somit Doshi is a mountaineer and keen rock climbing enthusiast who enjoys penning his experiences in prose and verse.

Layered in twisting color tones
Of uncompromising monotony
Eruptions of rock formations
Pinnacled in spectacular outgrowths

Eagles soared in the skies above
Circling atop the rock cliff
The craggy wilderness imposed itself
Upon the arid plains of India

The gypsy free wind blew hard
The sun was setting in the background
Challenged by sheer dizzying drop
He held close to the naked rock

In the silent forests of dawn
Voices of intense pain echoed
Of a lonesome climber
Pursuing the ultimate search.

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With sweat dripping on his face
Blood on his fingertips
Body pushed beyond the limits
Of human courage and edurance

He was living in his domain
Where his heart ruled forever
And mind searched endlessely
A measure of a man insane

While he knew what a fall could do
He knew what the summit could bring
It was the price he was willing to pay
To be the weekend warrior.....

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