"That man has reached immortality who is disturbed by nothing material. " ~ Swami Vivekananda

Sacred Space: Reflections

Guru: Stream of Consciousness

Romola Butalia offers a definition of 'Guru' from conversations with several yogis.

Guru is a stream of consciousness. It is the bridge we cross before we walk away towards our own individual path, where we will meet the Guru again and again in different guises, in different forms through 'bhav' and not through our sense perceptions or our mind. It is the doorway that beckons us to pass through before realising there was no door at all, except in our minds. The Guru is within, in the innermost recesses of our Self, unchanging, eternal, silent, still.

The Guru is not known through the five senses, but is beyond time and space, beyond the concept of dimensions, beyond the Mind. The Guru is an energy field and that energy transmits itself, when our hearts are open and we are unattached. The Guru and the disciple share the same body: the disciple is attention, the Guru is the word. The Guru is the mantra, the moment of rest where nothing exists, not even I. It is the space between thoughts, it is the interval between Time. The Guru is the Supreme Void, known but unknowable, except when the Knower and the Known are One.

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Reflection The Guru is the reflection in a polished mirror when we see ourselves without distortion, without value, without judgement, without conditioning, without the mind and without the body. The Guru is when we see another as we see our own reflection, untainted and pure. The Guru is the moment of truth, beyond thought, beyond intellect, beyond feelings, beyond sense perceptions, subtler than the subtlest, smaller than the smallest, Infinite.

So that we may perceive the Guru, as a reality that exists, before we are prepared for that energy to reveal itself without destroying us as lightning strikes, without blinding us by the light of a million suns, without frightening our limited perceptions by the enormity of dimensions, without reducing us to ashes before we have learnt to resurrect ourselves from the dead, therefore, and therefore alone, does the Guru manifest and come to us first in human form through a medium of transmission that is prepared to withstand a fraction of that energy which creates and destroys epochs of time, spaces without measure, myriads of dimensions, infinite life forms. The Guru manifests so that the energy is reduced and we can see the shadow as we see the sun.

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