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Mailbag on Himalayas - 1
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* Hello,

It can't be explained in words how thrilled I was to read about Vineeta Muni's trip Across the Himalayas. I actually lived the fact of their exciting and adventurous trek. I've always dreamt of going on one such wonderful and thrilling journey myself.

Sandeep Kulkarni

* Hi Romola

I chanced across your wonderful writings in India Travelogue. I have been trekking across the Himalayas for a few years now...and I found your writings particularly unique and interesting as you did not pay attention to the details, trying rather to delve deeper into the wonders and mysteries of the Himalayas and the human mind, a facet that I am also fascinated with...
I am currently working and travelling in Australia (another fascinating and rare wild part of the earth!!)
Your writings just brought back a myriad amazing memories of my travels in the Himalayas....

Carry on the good work

Harpreet Singh Dhillon,

* Hello,

Congratulations on a great site on Indian travel. I went on a trek of the Garhwal Himalayas this summer -- to the Valley of Flowers, Hemkund, Badrinath, Mana et al - -- and would love to share my pictures and experience with others via your site. Do you take contributions for your site? If so, what format do you accept it in? I would be willing to give you pictures as well as a textual description detailing my trip.



Dear Nandan,

It is always a pleasure to access the reader who wants to share his travel experiences, insights and impressions through our pages. We welcome readers' contributions of their travel experiences, which have made our site increasingly interactive.

You are welcome to contribute your own trekking experiences in the Garhwal Himalayas.(.txt files are preferred). These can be sent to romola@indiatravelogue.com Scanned jpeg/GIF images to accompany them are welcome. Please send them to gallery@indiatravelogue.com , with an accompanying note about them, with reference to the piece. We look forward to your piece.


* It is exciting and informative to read the various write-ups on the trips to the Himalayas.

Kalyan Venkatesh
Country: India


* Hi

We read the article on Dodi Tal and were very impressed. We trekked to Deoria Tal in the Garhwal area last week. Now we too want to post a detailed article on our trip on the India Travelogue site. Do let me know how we can do this. Love your site! Thanks.

Sharad & Heera

Editor's Note: As an interactive site, we welcome readers sharing their travel experiences through our pages. All interesting articles are published on our site. They can be sent to romola@indiatravelogue.com

* Dear Romola,

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting an overview of your site. It's beautiful! It's very comprehensive and at the same time, full of interesting articles with nice pictures. I haven't yet visited all the sections.

After reading your article on Deo-Tibba, I am thoroughly tempted to attempt a Himalayan trek the next time I visit India. I also loved your pieces on Lucknow and Calcutta.

I am off to read some more!


* It is exciting and informative to read the various write-ups on the trips to the Himalayas.

Kalyan Venkatesh
Country: India

* Your web site about Travelogues is great and quite informative.

Congratulations. You have done a good job. Will it be possible to give email id's of authors like Sumanta Roy Chowdhury, for people like me who want to know more about Himalayas first hand.

Mrs.Ramana Chennareddy

Editors Note: Dear Ramana,
Thanks for your letter, which I am forwarding to Sumanta. If you want to get in touch with specific writers, we will be happy to forward your letter, but respecting their privacy we do not publish their e-mail ids on the site.

If you need any further help, do feel free to revert to me.

Romola Butalia

* Hi Romola,

I just wanted to compliment you on the wonderful write-up you did on Almora. Being a native of Almora, reading your article, I was transported back to my home town. I think the peace that one gets in the Kumaon hills, is unique to the area. My husband is also from Almora and we visit as often as we can. Keep writing those wonderful articles.

Your site is one of the best that I have ever come across.
Wishing you all the best.

Neeta Wheeler, U.S.A.


* Hi Romola,

Thank you very very much for the useful information you categorize in your travel log. Your composition is very captivating too. Hopefully, we will get a chance in the very near future to check out these wonderful places. I had travelled extensively when I was a kid so the majestic impressions of our mighty Himalayas is etched in my mind. I have created a folder dedicated exclusively to all the travel information that we are going to consult while planning our next trip to India.

Nandini Mitra Banerjee


* The story on Sikkim and the complete editorial is too good. I am greatly fascinated by the place and intend to go there.

Ganga Krishnan, India

* Hello,

This is great site- I was very happy to find it specially since I had been looking for something like this for a while. My parents and I lived in Saharanpur while I was growing up and I went on a number of hikes around Dehra Dun, Mussorie and the sourrounding area- it was very beautiful- and I have very fond memories of it- although on my last visit to that region, a few years ago, I was unhappy to see how much forest had been cut down and the reforestation that has happened is not quiet the same.

Pushpa Tandon, USA


* I read the articles about Pindari and Gaumukh. I simply loved the way they are written, they reflect the same kind of feeling I have when I am in the Himalayas. The entire travel section of India Travelogue is well laid out.

Rishad Saam Mehta, Pune, India

* I read an account of trekking in the Himalayas in India travelogue and really liked it a lot. Please keep up the good work. Perhaps, you could include some info regarding how to go about trekking or adventure sports. for eg who to contact, DO-s and DON-Ts. My best wishes to you in your endeavour.

Vivek Rana, Bangalore, India

* I am basically a trekking enthusiast. Found your site interesting. I suggest more treks including the more challenging ones be added to your list of treks. It will definitely help freelance trekkers like me who are always feeling the dearth of information sources on treks.

Barinder Singh, India

* It was interesting to read the article 'Trekking to Har-ki-Dun '. Incidentally I had trekked there in October 1976, with a cousin and a friend. In '76 the road was only upto Mori and thereafter the trek started. There were no dhabhas and one had to depend on the hospitality of the villagers (which was always in abundance !! ). Food had to be cooked for the trek ahead, early morning or the night before. Forest dak bunglows were the best places to sleep. There was hardly any traffic in those days, thus no prior permission was required to stay at these bungalows.

I must add that at the periphery of Har-ki-dun glacier, I remember the thick forest of "bhoj-patra" trees. Har-ki-dun is the glacier from which the mighty 'Tons' river emerges.

I now live in Canada. But as long as I was in India I trekked to many places in the Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas. My love for mountains is also because I resided in Mussoorie.

Krishna Narain Mathur, Canada

* Dear Mr Baskar

I read with interest your travelogue on the trek to Har-ki-dun.It was very thoughtful of you to have shared your experiences. All I can say is that I envy you and your friends for having undertaken this wonderful trip!!

Name: Sethuraman


* I viewed the site....its good work ! Simple & neatly designed. Your write ups are quality work. Maybe you could provide more pictures? Your first hand account of Gangotri & Pindari was very interesting. But I think the site is too 'serious' - its layout and language. My mom liked the site...she read about scuba diving with a lot of interest and I think I know where she is planning her next trip. I liked the snapshot of people hanging out from the local train under the 'Mumbai section' Reminded me of chickens stacked together in a poultry farm ! Looking at that I dont mind living in the mountains with a sunburnt nose all my life.

Name: Somit


* I visited India travelogue for the first time today and was highly thrilled and nostalgic to read about places in the Himalayas that I had trekked to 15 years ago. I feel like going there again. Great work! Keep up the good work.

Name: Kiran Kolhatkar, Japan


* Well, what can one say of such a lovely site where one can actually drift into a place without physically visiting it. I had been to Sikkim and Darjeeling in March and the entire trip was relived by me through this site ..it made me feel really nostalgic. That an Indian site can be so good ... hats off guys for this great effort. Sites like Lonely Planet are also there, but they do not describe places in such detail .

Name: Shiva Prasad Bebarta, India

* Hi,

The site is great. I was looking for information on treks to Mansarovar and Kailash Parbat.

Name: Jayesh Bhayani, India

* Hi, I enjoyed reading about your trek to Pindari and Gamukh. I grew up in Calcutta and appreciate the very objective statements you have made about the city. It would be great if this web site had wallpaper images resizable for the screen. Regards,

Sanghamita, USA.

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