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This article has been sent by Voice of Ambition in their effort to address their message to a wider audience. Please note that all opinions expressed in this article are those of Voice of Ambition.

Many people in the world do not know that Tibet was once an independent country but is now under Chinese occupation. The people of Tibet are living under oppression of the Chinese authorities for more than 60 years and the world has not heeded Tibet's cry or supported its struggle for independence whole heartedly. This is the time we can express our sympathy and support to the people of Tibet as individuals and declare our moral support to them.

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According to Tibet's Government in Exile website over 1.2 million Tibetans have died as a direct result of the Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet . Today, it is hard to come across a Tibetan family that has not had at least one member imprisoned or killed by the Chinese regime.

Large corporations have bowed to the pressure of the Chinese government and censor search results so that information like the Tiananmen Square massacre will not be accessible to the people of China. Information about Democracy and human rights is being blocked. Tibetans want freedom, they want Democracy. Please join us to blog about Tibet on July 6th "World Tibet Day" which is the birthday of the Dalai Lama. We urge the blogging world to declare it as "Bloggers for Tibet Day". Please spread the word and blog about Tibet on July 6th. Let us create a momentum for the freedom of Tibet, as never before. If you don't have a blog please visit us to know more about the struggles of Tibetans and see if you can help in any other way.


A blog has been set up at Blogging on Tibet to track all the information and provide one stop for all blogging activity about Tibet. We also want to provide authentic information about various Tibet organizations. Please join us. If you can help us maintain the blog please contact us at blog.friendsoftibet@gmail.com. You can write articles to be published at this blog. If you don't have time you can send us links to good articles about Tibet and provide us any information that can further the cause of freedom of Tibet.

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