"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. " ~ Dalai Lama


Deo Tibba: Throne of Gods

An 8 day trek from Manali to the base of Deo Tibba in Himachal Pradesh. Incredible variety and range of landscapes and experiences await.

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Tour Highlights

The trek to Deo Tibba base also called the Throne of the Gods, takes you through incredibly beautiful and varied Himalayan landscape. It can be enjoyed as much by a novice to trekking, as it is by those who seek again and again the pleasures of trekking in the wilderness of the Himalayas.


Day 01: Walk through fields of maize and rice and leave the hustle of the city behind. A steep 4 hour walk rewards you with views of the Manali valley and Himalayan Peaks. Camp at the wonderful Sethan village.

Day 02: A gentle walk through pine forests and grassy meadows where buffaloes graze. From our camp next to the river we view a wonderful waterfall plunging over high rocks.

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Day 03: Following the Hampta valley we cross the stream and climb slowly through flowery meadows and fascinating rock formations. A number of unusual plants can be found. We camp on a small plateau next to spring with a magnificent view of the mountains, which surround us.

Day 04: Follow a glacial stream, past birch woods and emerge above a tree line in meadows with horses grazing on nutritional " blue grass". We camp at 13,200 feet at the foot of the magnificent Deo Tibba, the 19,500 ft high peak.

Day 05: Rest day to explore the glacier where many kinds of crystal and precious stones can be found including quartz, onyx and aquamarine.

Day 06: Walking over highlands full of incense plants and medicinal plants we camp near a stream.

Day 07: Tibetan prayer flags flutter in the breeze as we descend to our last camp in a beautiful clearing next to the sacred spring of the snake god, set amidst Himalayan oak trees. A special campfire is organised to celebrate the last day of camping.

Day 08: Walk through the woods and mighty pines to stop for tea at a village tea tent. Following an ancient trading path we arrive at Prini which is on the road, a short distance from Manali.

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