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Rohanda, Himachal Pradesh

This quaint little village set amidst the orchards is located in one of the most beautiful, unspoilt and easily accessible places in Himachal Pradesh. At an altitude of 7000ft, it is situated in sylvan surroundings with cedar, blue pine, fir and oak trees all-around that offer enchanting walks within the forest. The place lends itself to good drives thanks to the gentle rolling hills all-around.

Rohanda is surrounded by some very fascinating places. A trek through the forests to Kamru Nag, a local deity, located at 9600ft. is an experience by itself. Every year on 14-15 June, a fair is attended by thousands of people and offerings are converted to gold and silver and immersed in the lake.

A 15 km. trek to Shikari Devi via Kamru Nag is for the true enthusiasts.

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apples Another popular destination for Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs alike is Rewalsar Lake. This lake lies close to Mandi, one of the bigger towns of the region. Founded by a Rajput prince in 1520, Mandi is home to 81 temples, a 17th century palace and a colorful bazaar and is worth a dekko.

Karsog, a sub-divisional town, is a beautiful rolling valley just 53 kms away and is the centre for all official government matters. Chindi, another pretty village on the ridge, boasts of some great local architecture.

janjheli Janjheli, a beautiful hamlet, is where you can find some of the sparkling streams and beautiful orchards in the interiors.

Just 25 kms from Rohanda is Sundernagar, which is home to one of the best Dental Colleges in the country.

Banjara Camps and Retreats can organize a lovely tour to this area.

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