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Environment Mailbag - 2
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Mathew Joseph
Re: An Island Getaway(in Karnataka) by Manuel Fernandes

Read your beautiful article. The articles are a source of joy and inspiration, as it makes one come out of mundane routine living and feel fresh with enthusiasm. Keep writing.

Mathew Joseph

Subject: Forests in India

Respected Mr. Sahgal,

I am very pained at the state of the environment in India and want to do all I can to help committed people like yourself and Mr.Valmik Thapar in protecting our heriitage. I am a doctor in medicine currently applying for further education in USA. I think that there are many Indians who would like to help but lack a channel for it. I want to know what I can do to further your mission. Kindly do not hesitate.


California, USA


Pushpa Tandon

Hello, This is great site- I was very happy to find it specially since I had been looking for something like this for a while. My parents and I lived in Saharanpur while I was growing up and I went on a number of hikes around Dehra Dun, Mussorie and the sourrounding area- it was very beautiful- and I have very fond memories of it- although on my last visit to that region, a few years ago, I was unhappy to see how much forest had been cut down and the reforestation that has happened is not quiet the same.

Thank you for the article, This Paradise Must Never Die by Vaijayanthi Sujanani! Excellent. Extremely realistic and touching. I am sure it will contribute to making a few more people aware of the grim situation regarding nature and ecology.

Sunil Bhagwat


It is very nice to read the Article on Environment in IndiaTravelogue. The tragedy of our people is that we are unable to locate and understand the roots of our survival thus neglecting our very own eco-system and in turn unconsciously 'striving' to ruin the same, when we are a part of it.

What we need today is deep understanding of our eco-balance and its consequences. We must be made aware that the non-existence of lions is like a lizard-free house with lots of cockroaches, or a snake-free farm with uncontrolled rats.

Venky Narayanaswamy

Thanks for bringing out the plight of Lions in The Article. From this we cannot make out who is the king of the jungle, the majestic lions or the decision making bureaucrats. Unfortunately, we have very few bureaucrats who can think and take right action. Most of their decisions are based on appeasing a section of the population for the prime reason of getting their vote, make money while they last as ministers, and go on from there. They have no conscience, no morals, no vision, no concern for anything. All they are interested in is making money, "make hay while the sun shines". It is like having an Education Minister who has failed in Class 5, and dropped out. What decisions can he make or how can he understand the importance of education?

The unfortunate thing is that no amount of lobbying or creating public awareness is going to help the issue when in Lok Sabha all they do is stage walkouts or bang on the desks to protest. They cannot even have a meaningful dialogue between parties. The state of politics is despicable, and I hope the next fifty years are better than the first fifty. Hope is all we have and we have to fight !

Creating Public awareness by publishing articles in all the major newspapers, and having TV programs on the issue is the only way to mobilize people. The next step is to perhaps create international attention, or write to the Prime Ministers Office.


Sundaram Bala

Very good article about Gir forest and the Asiatic Lion. Hope something good is done to preserve the forest and the animals.

I hope this mail would count as a negative vote for colonization and industrialization of the Gir National Forest and other such sanctuaries.

Valay Gada
Re: About cruelty to animals by Somit Doshi

Dear Somit,
Your article was good. I am an animal welfare activist from the organisation: Ahimsa. People should cut down on animal products and more awareness is needed to show people what dumb animals have to go through before we get the finished product....


Keep up the good work

For Animal Liberation
Luv, peace, Life
Valay Gada

Syed Shaheer Jamal
New Delhi

I live in Delhi. I am 23 years old. Many people think that this age means nothing when it comes to taking responsibilities. But I think it is the best age to do so. At this age you can decide the path you want to follow , which can change your coming years. I also believe that how you think determines your maturity, and your actions today will change the way you will be living tommorrow.

I promise you that I will not just sit here and just keep mailing you or other people and think that my duty is over so that someday someone will do my job.

Right now I am in France . I will be reaching Delhi on the 29th of this month. But this doesn't stop me from doing what I have to do. The world is a very small place so what you give here will come back to you.


I will keep in touch and keep you informed.

Bittu Sahgal replies:

Thanks so very much for your supportive messages. The Gir Forests are a heritage for the future, not an inheritance to be squandered by shortsighted profit seekers.

You can make a difference. Write to the Chief Minister of Gujarat and to the Minister, Environment and Forests at the Centre. Tell them that you want Gir and other such wilderness areas protected for posterity. Also, get in touch with organisations and individuals in your town who you know to be working to save nature. Add your voice and your strength to theirs.


Bittu Sahgal,
Editor, Sanctuary Magazine,
602, Maker Chambers V,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400 021
Fax: 022-2874380
Email: bittu@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in

Name: Dr.Nitin Nayak
Country : India

I am a doctor by profession, with a passion for nature & wildlife photography. This year I have been very lucky, sighting a lot of wildlife including 12 tigers in just 2 safaris, 1 in Ranthambor and the other at Kanha. It is a good sign that there is a baby boom in Ranthambor and that there is a drop in poaching activities after a bad period from 1990-'96. Kanha of-course remains one of the best managed parks of India. We also witnessed rare sightings such as jackal kill, bison fights and wild dogs. Great experiences. Now I am looking forward to a tour of Kenya in August.


Thanks to www.indiatravelogue.com for putting up that fascinating commentary on Sikkim by Sanjoy Sengupta. His article made me realise how precious is our natural wealth amidst reckless pollution and general disregard for protecting the environment. Those far reaching hills and mountain ranges are now probably the only untouched and pristine natural wealth we have in India. I hope our Government wakes up and makes an effort in protecting our natural resources and also tries to inculcate in people a respect for this God given wealth.

Thanks to India Travelogue for putting this up and to Mr. Sengupta for his love of nature and sharing it.

Amit Roy
Boston, USA

Hi Ms. Sujanani,

I am really moved by your article, This Paradise Must Never Die by Vaijayanthi Sujanani.I appreciate your concern for the environment, the rich flora and fauna of this country and your passion for these issues. I also share similar thoughts and would like to do something after I am through with my studies.


Having stumbled across your website, I was fascinated to discover the rich cultural heritage and diversity of India through the vivid descriptions of your contributors. Indeed, reading the article on the A href=../trav/trav22.html>Andamans by Shyamala Gomathinayagam, I am reminded of my own trip there last year. I lived in Port Blair in 1964-66 when my father was the Station Director of the AIR. My visit after 34 years had not dimmed my memory of those islands (I could even direct the taxi to the house I had lived in!!). Your website has encouraged me to plan further excitng trips to India. One I am currently thinking of is to Sikkim, based on the articles read at this site. Keep up the good work!!

David Balasundaram


A Childhood Dream Relived by Anupama Punita is quite a refreshing article. It took me back to my childhood days as well. Quite informative too.

Wish you keep writing many more....


When I'm older, as I'm only 14, I really want to be a zoo keeper but I'm totally against cruelty to animals. What should I do ?


Cruelty to animals by Somit Doshi

Editor's Response :

Dear Sarah,

Perhaps you could be a wildlife warden, who can protect animals in their natural environment.

Romola Butalia


A Childhood Dream Relived by Anupama Punita is quite a refreshing article. It took me back to my childhood days as well. Quite informative too.

Wish you keep writing many more....


I liked Bittu Sahgal's article, Tuskers in Trouble on the threat to the elephants as a result of the Sankosh river project in North Bengal and the Bhutan border.

Yogendra Yadav
Country: India


Thank you for the article, This Paradise Must Never Die by Vaijayanthi Sujanani! Excellent. Extremely realistic and touching. I am sure it will contribute to making a few more people aware of the grim situation regarding nature and ecology.

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