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Shivpuri - Madhav National Park
Madhav National Park spread over 156 sq km, is a sanctuary that is indeed a dream come true for wildlife patrons. As the sun dawns one can come across upon a herd of cheetal deer or a peacock flaunting its beautiful colors. With the sun set, predators prowl the wilderness.

The other species commonly sighted are chinkara deer, the Indian gazelle, nilgai, sambar, chausingha (four-horned antelope), blackbuck, sloth bear, leopard, and the ubiquitous common langur. The national park is equally rich in avifauna which include the cormorant, painted stork, white ibis, laggar falcon, purple sunbird, paradise flycatcher, and the golden oriole.

An artificial lake, a bird watching spot, and rocky streams further enhance the picturesque setting.

At the highest point in the park rests the George Castle. Built by Jiyaji Rao Scindia, it is another glorious page of the illustrious Scindia chronicles. From here the view of Sakhya Sagar Lake is unparalleled and the best time to visit the castle is at sunset when the lake below mirror the changing hues of the evening sky.

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Sakhya Sagar Lake & Boat Club - a reptile hideout. Marsh crocodile, Indian python, and monitor lizard are some of lake's known occupants. On the shores of the lake and connected to it by a broad pier is a boat club, an airy and delicate structure with glass panels.

Madhav Vilas Palace - this summer palace of the Scindias is dressed in the perfect summer shade of rose pink. Popularly known as Mahal, it has marble floors, iron columns, graceful terraces, and a Ganpati mandap. From the turrets, there is a spectacular view of Shivpuri town and the park beyond.


Other Places - some of the other places of interest are Bhadaiya Kund (natural spring)

Some excursions - Chanderi (127 km., famous for cotton sari's and Bundela and Malwa Sultanate architecture), Narwar (41 km., remarkable for its medival fortress atop a hill), Surwaya (21 km., remains of a fort, three hindu temples and a monastery), Karera Bird Sanctuary (45 km., Shivpuri-Jhansi road, a protected area for great Indian bustard).

Access to Shivpuri
Air - the nearest airport is Gwalior (112 km) connected with Delhi, Bhopal, Indore, and Bombay.
Rail - nearest railhead are Jhansi (101 km), and Gwalior (112 km ) on Delhi-Bombay and Delhi-Madras main line.
Road - it is connected by regular bus service with Gwalior, Indore, Bhopal, Jhansi, and Ujjain.


There are two standard hotels run by the state governments MPSTDC, namely the Tourist Village and the Chinkara motel. For reservation call (0755) 554340- 43.

Information: Courtesy Government of India

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