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Few visitors to Bombay are aware that it is the only metropolis in the world with 104 sq kms of virgin forest within its borders, just waiting to be explored.

For visitors who are eager to stray off the beaten track, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, better known as the Borivli National Park, offers a pleasant change from the usual sights and attractions of the big city.

A Park for All Seasons
Borivli is one of the few national parks that can be visited all year round. In the hot, dry summer months the jungle is a riot of colour as gulmohor, flame-of-the-forest and the flowering silk cotton enfold the otherwise brown forest in a crimson blush. Borivli in the rains has a charm of its own. The floor of the forest is a carpet of green. Streams, swollen with rain, tumble over boulder-strewn water courses. The rains draw trekkers, bird-watchers and nature lovers of all ages to this verdant paradise.

Krishnagiri Upvan or Recreational Area
The Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, the lion safari park, the deer park and gardens are all located in this area. A mini train winds along a picturesque, 15 minute route over bridges and through tunnels, past the foothills of the samadhi and the deer park. Boating facilities are available on the lotus-studded lake on the Dahisar River and picnic areas have stalls where you can sample Bombay's famous bhel-puri and pani-puri. The Aarey Milk Colony and Film City are both situated within the area of the park and are also well worth a visit.

Ajanta & Ellora
Hill Stations

Local Rat

Rock Climbing
Elephanta Caves
Nature Trail

The rock caves at Kanheri are an indication of the large monastic settlement which flourished here in the 1st Century A.D. A hundred and eight monk cells or viharas are cut into the volcanic rock. The cells are provided with stone beds and cisterns for storing water and are connected by walkways. A magnificent stupa adorns one end of the largest cave and is flanked by rows of columns cut out of the rock. From the caves a steep trek takes one to the highest point in the park.

Nature Trails
Nature trails snake through the mysterious depths of the forests and provide nature lovers with an opportunity to explore the park at leisure. The Yewoor trail and the lesser known Silonda trail are accessible to nature enthusiasts through the forest department.

The Lion Safari & Deer Park
For the less adventurous who want to view wildlife without undertaking long treks, the 13 hectare lion safari park in the recreational sector is a boon. Visitors are driven through the park in mini-buses and can have a close view of the great cats. The deer park, also in the recreational area, has a number of chital, some sambar and four horned antelope.


Tulsi and Vihar Lakes
The Tulsi dam was built over a hundred years ago and the reserved forests that surround the lake are some of the finest catchment forests to be found today. The areas around the lakes may be visited with special permission.

Area: 104 sq kms.
Best Time to Visit: All year round.

By Rail: Borivli is a 40 minute train ride from Churchgate Station in South Mumbai. On Sundays and public holidays, a regular bus service plies between Borivli station and Kanheri Caves, passing through the recreational area. Taxis are also available.

By road: Borivli is accessible by road. Depending on the traffic, the trip could take around 75 minutes from Churchgate, driving along the Western Express Highway.

Information: Courtesy Government of India

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