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Andhra Pradesh ~ Vijayawada

The name literally means "City of Victory'. It is situated in ideal surroundings between the Krishna River and Budameru, its tributary. The third biggest city in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada is a large railway junction on the Calcutta- Chennai line. It is also the place from which travellers visit the Buddhist centre of Amaravathi.

Local sites include the Mogalrajapuram caves, Prakasam Barrage, Gundala Church and Gandhi Stupa on Gandhi Hill. The city has a number of important Hindu temples of which the Kanaka Durga temple is the most famous. There are two Jain temples that are over a thousand years old.

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Around Vijaywada

The famous cave temples of Undavalil are located about 10 km from the town.

The town of Kondapalle, 16 km away is famous for its small cottage industries dedicated to the making of wooden toys.

A day trip can also be made to the Buddhist centre of Amravathi, 66 km away on the Krishna River. Excavations carried out here revealed that there was once a Stupa, 2000 years ago, which was larger than the one now visible at Sanchi in Bihar. Some exquisite stone carvings have survived the ravages of time and depict events from the Buddha's life. The museum contains some fine Buddhist relics.


The village of Kuchipudi is 60 km away. This is where the dance drama tradition of Kuchipudi evolved and is still very much alive.

Best season: The months from September to February are the most pleasant for visiting the city.

How to get there?
Air: Viyaywada is connected by air to Hyderabad, Chennai & Visakhapatnam.
Rail: The city is well connected by rail being an important railway junction on the Chennai- Calcutta route.
Bus: Regular bus services ply from here to important cities in the state, such as Amaravathi (66 km), Hyderabad (270 km) and Warangal (253 km).

Where to stay?
A number of luxury and economy hotels are available.

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