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Adventure Sports ~ Yana Bey

Rajiv Butalia reviews Yana Bey's concise yet informative book on adventure sports in India, written for youngsters who are curious about outdoor activities and where and how to pursue them.
Title: Adventure Sports
Author: Yana Bey
Publisher: Puffin Handbooks
ISBN : 014333555-3.
Rs. 175     pp:160 pages.

Yana Bey's Adventure Sports has been published by Puffin Handbooks. These handbooks are designed for quick reading while providing a sufficient overview and introduction to the topics they cover.

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Adventure Sports There is a growing interest in adventure activities and the Indian outdoors and this book provides an introduction to various activities such as trekking, rock climbing and bouldering, skiing, rafting and scuba diving. It systematically introduces you to the preparation and training needed to enjoy these sports, the equipment required and the techniques. There is a also a brief section on where these sports can be learnt and practised.

Yana herself is a keen mountaineer and has participated in several of these sports. So the book has the authenticity of an experienced hand in adventure sports. It is a much needed introduction to outdoor activities in India and carefully recommends the activities that can be taken up safely fron the age of 12 onwards. The author has been responsible in chosing the recommended activities. For example, the book does not cover paragliding and mountaineering, which are internationally permitted only for youth of older ages.

The book is an excellent handbook for parents and teenagers who want to learn the nitty-gritty about possible adventure activities and serves as a beginners' guide for any age group. It is written by someone who knows her reader well. The section on training centres and adventure sports operators needs to be enlarged in future editions to make it a truly informative handbook on adventure sports in India.

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