"Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit. "
~ Jawaharlal Nehru

In the Presence of the Masters ~ Romola Butalia

Publishers: Motilal Banarsidass
Hardcover: Rs. 250/-     ISBN: 81-208-1946-2
Paperback: Rs. 150/-     ISBN: 81-208-1947-0
Pp: 123 pages + 8 photographs

About the Book

Through a search for meaning in life, seeking to fulfil the purpose of one's life, the author finds herself on a spiritual search through coincidental meetings with many saints and sages.

Questioning the quest itself, focused on the words of wisdom received, the authour is inevitably led to the myths and legends about many great masters, and tries to unravel the mysteries that present themselves through life itself. The answers lie in the very questions themselves. The future unfolds according to the past and the journey of life continues. In the Presence of the Masters on Facebook

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book cover The book introduces concepts of spiritual practices that have been handed down in a tradition where the master finds the disciple who is prepared. With previously unpublished photographs of the sages, it is a spiritual journey: a narration of circumstances, events, insights and the instinct to return 'home' that led to an uncharted path.

Excerpt from the Book

"My own impressions of Guru Gorakh Nath are of a warm, immensely caring human being. Perpetually absorbed in deep meditation, he glances around him occasionally, almost as though his vision is of a different space. When I first met him, at my initial glance I saw a perfect yogi. With a stern and serious disposition, distant and aloof, he was completely still, a perpetual witness without any vibrations. Soon I noticed a gentle, playful, happy child in his interactions with Siddhartha. He was the immortal master when his blessing came in words of eternal wisdom. I saw a friend in his parting words, "I will talk to you again." I recognized him as someone very familiar whom I have always known.

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