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City Trees and Urban Planning ~ S.G. Neginhal

Lakshmy Raman reviews City Trees and Urban Planning, a treat for tree-lovers and those who dream of tree-lined shady streets.
Published by S.G. Neginhal, 2002.
Hardcover Price: Rs. 450/-
Courtesy: Sanctuary Magazine

They trap dust, minimise noise, improve soil conditions, raise the water table and provide shelter to birds and animals… Trees play a vital role in sustaining our natural environment and our cities need all the trees that can be grown and more.

City Trees and Urban Planning is a treat for tree-lovers and those who dream of tree-lined shady streets. The author, a former Indian Forest Service officer is a reputed photographer who has a special interest in the flora of the Western Ghats, as well as wildlife and environmental issues.

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book cover The book covers 187 city trees supported by 93 vivid photographs. The book helps you identify trees by the colour and size of the flowers and also gives the flowering and fruiting months of trees. Part I of the book gives a detailed description of trees while Part II discusses urban planting, suggesting the trees that would be ideal for each location - for highways, for gardens, sacred places, residential buildings and industrial establishments. The author also suggests nursery techniques. Maintenance of trees and their environmental value are also covered in the last two chapters of this section. The book also gives us some insight on why some trees like the teak, sal and eucalyptus are not suitable for urban environments. A glossary of botanical terms and reference books and an index of scientific and common names are also provided.

Carry this guide on a leisurely walk through your neighbourhood or just enjoy the photographs.

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