"Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit. "
~ Jawaharlal Nehru

Reflections in Poetry ~ Vimla Prakash

Vimla Prakash's collection of poems reflect a wide ranges of interests, emotions and style. Five of her poems are presented here. The sketches are by her daughter, Shalini Agarwal.

Lying in the Sun
Lying in the sun
Gazing at the sky
A white wedge of moon
Clouds drifting by.

A cool crisp breeze
Eagles soaring high

My thoughts turn to you
I close my eyes.
Sketches by Shalini

Naini Tal

Call of Mountains
This Paradise

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Karadi Tales
So Far

Awaiting the Post
Awaiting the post

how the hours drag.

I listen to conversation
not comprehending
a word.

My attention is riveted to the gate
for the sound of wheels on gravel.

What has delayed the chowkidar?

The post arrives at eleven.

It is now past noon.

So much heartache

And then
your letter arrives.

Egrets Flying
Egrets Flying

Rugged mango trees
dark leafed
swamped by monsoon rain

Dull cloud reflections

Egrets flying

Naini Tal
China Peak
stately solitary steep
greets the passing parade of clouds
paying homage at its feet.

Naini Tal lake
reflecting at Dawn
its green surroundings
still sloped in deep shade.

Now look
Gold touched mountain heights
as gold brushed mountain depths

Higher yet
and deeper still
the clear blue sky.

Amaltash racemes
silently shedding petals
in the midday heat.

Gul Mohur Masses
of cool scarlet rest the eyes
from the dust filled glare.

Rude raucous crows caw
on branches of frail yellow
Amaltash flowers.

Careless crows piling
twigs on forks of bare branches
Will their eggs be safe?
Pink Bougainvillea
flowers Paper crisp lie wind strewn
on rain-swept grass.

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