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Trekking Routes in Kumaon Part 2

Base : Kausani
Unrivalled for its location , Kausani is 40 km from Almora. It has an unforgettable view of a 350 km stretch of the high Himalayas. With its pine forests and cool mountain air this was Mahatma Gandhi's favoured retreat in 1929. The Garur valley in the distance abounds in relics of the 12th and 13th centuries

Routes one, two and three
Kausani - Garur-Baijnath-Bageshwar (2 days) Kausani-Garur-Baijnath-Gwaldam(2 days) Kausani-Chhota Pinath -Bara Pinath (2 days) All the above are trails that enable one to combine the religious aspect of Kumaon with the sheer delight of it's invigorating mountains.

Base : Chowkori
IMAGE: PIC 1 : Chowkori Chowkori is 112 km from Pithoragarh and is unique in it's beauty with balmy weather and fine views. The region includes such religious places as Gangolighat, the confluence of the Gori and Kali rivers.

At Lohaghat there are places of interest such as Abbot Mount, Devidhura and Champawat. 76 km from Pithoragarh is another of Corbett's least known tiger zones.

Chowkori - Berinag - Patalbhuwaneshwar - Gangolihat(3 days)

Chowkori-Kotbaniya-Dharmghat-Kotgari (2 days)

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Chowkori-That-Pithoragarh (2 days). These three trekking routes are at a mean altitude of about 1900 m and are the bases for treks to the high grounds of upper Kumaon with Pithoragarh being on the route to the Lipulekh Pass on the pilgrim trail.

Base : Song
At 1400 m, Song is at the bus terminus of the two routes branching towards the Pindari, Katri, Namih and Sundadhunga glaciers.

Route one
Song - Loharkhet - Dhakuri - Khati - Dwali - Phurkia Glacier(7 days)

The trail goes to Loharkhet, 1753m, which has KMVN and PWD Rest Houses.

Onwards, this well-known route goes past the staging points at Dhakuri, 2680 m, Khati, 2210 m, Dwali, 2575 m, and Phurkia, from where the `zero point' view for Pindari glacier (3657 m to 4267 m) is 8 km.

Route two
Song - Loharkhet- Dhakuri-Khati-Jautila-Dhungiyadhung-Sundardhunga Glacier (8 days). The route is the same upto Dhakuri after which the trail continues to the fork at Kathalia. The westward track leads to Nandkund and the eastward one to Maktoli : both approximately 7km from Sundardhunga glacier.(3880 m )

Route Three
Song -Loharkhet- Dhakuri-Khati-Dwali-Katri Glacier (7 days)

The route for the Katri Glacier (3800 m) is common upto Dwali on the Pindari route and then branches eastward to Byangar along the Katri Nala to the Glacier of the same name.

Base : Munsiyari
At 2290 m, Munsiyari is on the arterial water body of the Goriganga which emerges from the Milam glacier system of the eastern flanks of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, fed also by the Kalabaland glacier and Panchchullu from further east. The Milam glacier snout at 3872 m is not only the destination on this trekking route, but is also the nodal point for a number of mountaineering routes.

Munsiyari - Lillam -Bogdyar -Milam Village-Milam Glacier (7 days). Munsiyari is also the base for Ralam, Namik and Poting glaciers.

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